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The Plague of Our Day

Throughout history, obesity has created different perceptions in different times and cultures. Sometimes it means strength, power; other times it is mentioned with fertility, abundance. Today, it is known as a disease.

Evolutionarily starting from hunter-gatherer humans; about 10 thousand years ago, the transition to settled life and the agricultural revolution, then the industrial revolution and a process that continues until today. We can talk about two different breaking points.

Being able to do agriculture and transition to settled life, industrial revolution. These two phenomena enabled food to become unlimited, to be stored, and to become a trade tool. Our tens of thousands of years of eating habits have suddenly changed. Our protein-rich and carbohydrate-poor diet has suddenly been reversed. Parallel to industrialization, obesity inevitably increased with the urban lifestyle.

We can say that the biggest pandemic of today is obesity. No country has been successful in the fight against obesity. Aside from being successful, obesity rates continue to rise.

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