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Ethical Values


1- We aim to provide benefits to our stakeholders, employees, patients, society and all humanity.

2- We attach great importance to the privacy and security of patients, stakeholders and employees.

3- We continue our work by being open to continuous development and improvement.

4- We follow the development of health technologies and use these opportunities at the highest level.

5- We develop projects within the framework of our fields of work, and act with the awareness of our social responsibility.

6- We organize trainings, seminars and conferences in order to create a social awareness.

7- In the light of scientific facts, we continuously provide pioneering, reliable and friendly service.

8- We protect nature in all our works, and we strive to spread our environmentalist approach.

9- We attach great importance to transparency in all our works.



1- We accept that obesity is a disease.

2- Considering that obesity is very common in the world, we work to fight obesity in every field.

3- Our main task is to treat obesity within ethical values.

4- For any treatment, we act with the awareness that our first priority is to benefit the patient.

5- We apply treatment to provide a healthier and higher quality life.

6- We know and explain that obesity surgeries are not cosmetic procedures.

7- We share in detail that obesity surgeries are not a miracle, and that the patient has responsibilities.

8- We do studies on how to prevent obesity in future generations.

9- In summary, we work for a healthier world.